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Indonesia, Azerbaijan Strengthen Public Service Ties

Indonesia and Azerbaijan are continuing to strengthen their collaboration in the public service sector, said Abdullah Azwar Anas, Indonesian Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister in a statement on Wednesday.

During a meeting with Azerbaijan Prime Minister Ali Asadov in Baku on Tuesday, Anas mentioned that the two countries have close historic relations in the trade and public service sectors.

“Both Indonesia and Azerbaijan place great emphasis on public service. In Indonesia, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) encourages innovations in public service to streamline bureaucracy,” he remarked.

Anas emphasized that bureaucracy should be focused on tangible benefits for the people, such as reducing poverty and unemployment rates, as well as decreasing stunting prevalence, rather than being solely administrative matters.

He nothed that Indonesia and Azerbaijan exchange best practices and experiences in public service, with officials from both countries visiting each other to study public service administration.

Azerbaijan’s public service, ASAN Xidmet, is recognized by the United Nations.

In Indonesia, a similar concept has been developed into various public service innovations, including the Public Service Mall (MPP), which is now available in 152 districts and cities.

Digital MPP pilots have been launched in several districts and cities across the country, he remarked.

“Prime Minister Asadov welcomed us well, expressing hope for even closer relations between our two countries,” he stated.

During the meeting, Anas highlighted Indonesia’s achievements, including a stable economy, programs to economic added value, the first high-speed train in Southeast Asia, and its hosting of the G20 Summit in 2022.

He also conveyed President Jokowi’s greetings to Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev.

While in Azerbaijan, Anas was also welcomed by Indonesia’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan Hildi Hamid.

He urged the Indonesian Embassy in Baku to continue to improve public service and promote Indonesia’s tourism.

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