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Villa Tasca on Airbnb: You can now stay at the luxe Sicilian villa from White Lotus


The shocking twists and turns from The White Lotus may have faded from memory slightly as new shows have become the latest water cooler moment (looking at you, The Last of Us) but that doesn’t mean the series about pretty awful rich people isn’t still making waves.

As Jennifer Coolidge continues to soak up award after award for her portrayal of “derpy” Tanya, Airbnb is keeping the interest going with the offer to stay at one of the amazing villas featured in season two of the Sicilian-set dramedy.

Villa Tasca has been listed on the home-sharing site and those familiar with the show will recognise it as the house Harper Spiller (Aubrey Plaza) and Daphne Sullivan (Meghann Fahy) checked into.

The villa can accommodate up to eight people. Photo: Airbnb

In its description, the Renaissance villa situated between Palermo and Monreale is called “exquisite” and full of “grandeur”.

“All the glories of Italy’s past – stately neoclassical architecture, trompe-l’oeil frescoes, Murano chandeliers, gilt-framed paintings – make for a sumptuous present at this Renaissance villa. While parts of the estate date from the 1500s, the exquisite 20-acre gardens transport visitors to the late-1800s Romantic era.”

As well as “lush” lawns to laze on while watching the swans potter about in the pond, visitors can also keep occupied with a swimming pool, billiards room, music room and a bar. And don’t worry about having to actually do anything, the home comes with staff.

There are four bedrooms, one with a king bed and three with queens, and each has “details like gold-edged portraits, carved wooden wardrobes, and marble bathroom tiles (that) make a statement in each suite”.

Those who wish to venture out beyond the confines of the 8-hectare grounds will only need a short trip to the bustling Sicilian capital of Palermo.

The all-important question, how much does this luxury cost? Well, it’s more a case of if you have to ask, then you won’t be able to afford it, but for the record it’s a cool £4874 per night, plus taxes. That’s more than $8500 per night and there is a three-night minimum stay.

The villa isn’t the only location on Sicily where you can follow in the footsteps of the characters.

On the east coast of the island sits the Four Seasons’ San Domenico Palace, which is the real-life hotel that serves as The White Lotus.

The Washington Post described it as “perched on the cliffs overlooking the Ionian Sea, San Domenico Palace was formerly a 14th century convent. It’s as luxurious as you see in the small screen – 111 rooms and suites, panoramic views, courtyards and gardens with old-world charm”.

The villa’s grand pool. Photo: Airbnb

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