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Hong Kong comedian Stephen Chow visits Vietnam

Stephen Chow, Hong Kong’s “King of Comedy”, is exploring cuisine and sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh City.

A source told VnExpress that the 60-year-old actor visited HCMC for personal reasons.

On Tuesday, Stephen Chow, also a filmmaker and actor, went to a cafe to drink coffee, meet several actors and filmmakers, and learn about the emergence of Vietnamese cinema.

According to the source, he wanted the meeting to remain secret.

A few photos of him in HCMC quickly went viral on social media, attracting thousands of comments. Many people have expressed a desire to meet him in person.

Hong Kong comedian Stephen Chow. Photo courtesy of the actor’s online fan club
Hong Kong comedian Stephen Chow. Photo courtesy of the actor’s online fan club

The actor is known for being a private person who rarely discloses his personal schedule. He rarely attends events, does interviews or appears in commercials.

According to Hong Kong-based online news portal HK01, he has completed at least three screenplays in the last three years, including “Kung Fu Hustle 2”.

He finished filming “The Mermaid 2” but requested that the crew go back and re-edit it since he was dissatisfied with the results.

He posted his first video on Instagram last week, stating that he is recruiting members for his team. His condition for applicants is that they be proficient in Web3 – short for Web 3.0, or the Internet’s third phase. The applicant must also have project management expertise, agility, honesty, and tolerance. He said that he would personally review CVs before interviewing and hiring candidates.

Stephen Chow grew up in Hong Kong’s slums and joined the television broadcasting company TVB in 1981, initially performing unknown roles and appearing only for a few seconds in films.

His career took a new turn in 1989 when he landed the lead role in “The Final Combat”. He also starred in a string of successful comedies in the 1990s. He stopped acting after “CJ7” in 2008, instead focusing on directing and producing.

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