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‘POS’ Owners Caught on Camera Ditching Dogs on Side of California Road

A California rescue center is trying to bring justice to two people who were caught on camera abandoning their pets on the side of the road.

In both cases, the dogs were left to find their own way to the Sierra Pacific Furbabies animal rescue located in Riverside.

“There’s a lot of animals that show up here,” the organization’s founder, David Loop, told ABC 7. “Dogs and cats; we kind of suspected they were being dumped, but I never had evidence of it.”

After finding a female Rottweiler roaming the rescue property last week, Loop checked his surveillance footage to find out how she wandered onto the grounds.

The video showed a silver four-door sedan roll to a stop in front of the center, open its rear passenger-side door and kick out the dog into the middle of the road.

In a heartbreaking moment, the Rottweiler — who has since been named Pebbles — turns its head at the sound of the door slamming shut.

The car peels away, leaving the canine behind to dangerously run across the street before finding refuge in Loop’s care.

“She’s so lucky she didn’t get hit by a car and I’m actually happy she ran into my yard,” Loop said on Facebook about the “total sweetheart.”

“The POS, pathetic garbage of a human being that dumped her should be ashamed of themselves. I hope everyone in the world shares this video so the world can see what this loser did to this poor, innocent girl.”

The dog dumping is the second incident the rescue center has been dealing with in the last few weeks.

Last month, Loop found a tiny puppy — estimated to be no more than 6 weeks old — trying to hide on the property.

After checking the security footage, he noticed an SUV pull over on the side of the road, the driver climb out and reach into his car.

The camera glitched and didn’t record the man placing the puppy on the ground, but the next frame shows the car driving away with the puppy sadly watching before running away.

Loop said the puppy, who he dubbed Delilah, spent 24 hours “in the cold and rain, so confused, going in and out of my yard.”

“This is just not a good thing to do. It’s terrible for the animals. They’re scared. They don’t understand, they think it’s a game and then their owners don’t come back,” Loop said.

“There’s things people can do rather than dumping the animals. There’s so many rescue groups in southern California. The shelter is safer for them. So there’s alternatives for them dumping animals.”

Loop said in a Tuesday Facebook post that neither the sheriff’s department or the Riverside County Department of Animal Services could investigate Pebbles’ dumping.

DAS later told ABC 7 it was looking into the cases alongside the police. The agency did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

DAS announced Wednesday it would be conducting a sweep of the area for free-ranging dogs. Dogs without identification tags, microchips or owner contacts will be transported to the Riverside County animal shelter facility.

Source: New York Post