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Indonesian official promotes ecotourism

Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesia, confirmed that they would keep no stone unturned when it comes to development of the regional tourism in an inclusive and sustainable way.

On Wednesday in a public lecture at the Faculty of Tourism of Pancasila University, Jakarta, Uno said that tourism has proven to be able to make huge contribution to the revival of post-pandemic economy. Through a video broadcast at the public lecture, the minister made the declaration.

On the basis of big data accumulated by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, he has said that tourist villages have been proved to have boosted the economy of the community by up to 30 percent.

Besides drawing other potentials of tourism in the surrounding area, the tourist villages authorize micro, small, and medium enterprises as well and the surrounding community to add to the development of tourist hotspots, he said.

He noted that for Indonesia, this is good news to carry on reviving the financial condition during the post-pandemic times.

In 2023, Uno remarked that Indonesia will occupy a crucial position in international forums as chair of ASEAN. The impetus provided by the chairmanship of Indonesia in ASEAN this year must be used optimally to perk up its role and management.

Besides, it’s hoped to bring up fresh efforts in beating the disputes and other vital problems that are region’s concern, including the tourism sector, the minister said.

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