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SS United States Redevelopment Plan Revealed

The SS United States Conservancy announced a proposal that would see the SS United States return home to New York or transform it into a mixed-use destination, according to a press release.

The proposal would see the ship repurposed as a unique destination including a hotel, food and beverage destinations, numerous event venues, lots of public green space and a world-class museum.

After meeting with multiple interested parties and exploring locations in numerous port cities, the Conservancy developed a plan for the ship’s rebirth. Two New York firms were selected for the project, RXR and MCR Hotels.

The Conservancy entered into an exclusive agreement with RXR back in December 2018 to to explore the SS United States’ redevelopment. In November 2023, the Conservancy, together with RXR and MCR, unveiled a plan to save the ship, which is ​​currently facing possible eviction from its current pier in Philadelphia. RXR and MCR will repurpose the ship as a permanently moored floating structure featuring a collection of unique hospitality, food and beverage and cultural spaces.

The Conservancy considers the redevelopment of the SS United States to be perhaps the most complex project of its kind ever attempted. The project is expected to create over 5,700 jobs and boost economic activity.

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