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Traveling Solo? These Are the Safest US Destinations for Women to Travel on Their Own

Whether it’s for a change of scenery, to work remotely or to experience something new, studies show that solo travel is growing in popularity among Americans. According to Google data, post-pandemic solo travel has risen by 761.15%.

And of that percentage, the majority of those traveling solo are female.

With more and more women opting to travel on their own, TrustedHousesitters released a 2023 report ranking the top 10 places for solo female travelers to visit in the United States.

The study considered a wide range of factors that impact how attractive a destination is for both retired and remote-working solo female travelers.

Some of those factors included a place’s existing popularity for female tourists, Wi-Fi access and speed, women’s safety and violence as well as community safety and friendliness.

Here’s what they found:

10. Kansas

TrustedHousesitters admits that Kansas is a destination often overlooked for travel, solo or otherwise. 

But the state allegedly has some of the “friendliest people in the country,” making it an excellent spot for women traveling on their own. When visiting, TrustedHousesitters suggests checking out all the “world’s largest” landmarks, in addition to the state’s simple pleasures like backyard barbecues, starry nights and peaceful gardens.

9. Hawaii

While the Wi-Fi here may not always be up to speed, the gorgeous scenery and breathtaking sunsets earned this state a spot in TrustedHousesitters’ top 10 ranking. 

The popular dream destination ranks high in safety, according to TrustedHousesitters; so true rest and relaxation can be achieved in no time.

8. New Hampshire

A true outdoor playground, New Hampshire has it all: from mountains and forests to coastal towns and historic sites. 

The state also ranks low in violence against women, according to TrustedHousesitters, and is considered overall a safe travel destination for women.

7. Colorado

Calling all ski-enthusiasts, nature-lovers and downtown-diners! Colorado offers tourists a little bit of everything. 

This state also ranks high in “friendly” locals, according to TrustedHousesitters, making it a prime destination for females traveling on their own.

6. Minnesota

TrustedHousesitters called this Midwest destination a place to “feel at home.” 

Whether you’re exploring the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” checking out the Mall of America, or enjoying your first “Juicy Lucy,” Minnesota offers solo travelers a place of both comfort and intrigue.

5. Maryland

This state is heaven for remote workers, according to Trusted Housesitters, thanks to Maryland’s incredibly high Wi-Fi speeds! Not to mention the bustling, coastal cities and scenic waterways. 

This destination is perfect for travelers looking to finish work by 5 p.m. with plenty of time to hit a delicious Clam Bake at the Chesapeake Bay before sunset.

4. Rhode Island

Despite being the smallest state in the country, Trusted Housesitters claims Rhode Island as the fourth most popular state to visit for female solo travelers. 

Trusted Housesitters also notes that this state is excellent for travelers with dogs, as Rhode Island ranks high in walkability. So for women hoping to travel with their furry friend, look no further than Rhode Island’s “pristine beaches,” and “colonial landscapes.”

3. Delaware

Ranked second in safety nationwide, Delaware offers solo female travelers a great sense of security and a strong Wi-Fi connection, according to Trusted Housesitters. 

From historic museums and boardwalk concerts to “tax-free vintage shops” and notable restaurants, this tiny state has plenty of ground for tourists to cover. 

2. Pennsylvania

According to Trusted Housesitters, Pennsylvania’s “friendly residents” give this state a high ranking for women traveling alone. 

Enjoy a tasty Philly Cheesesteak sandwich while exploring the state’s incredible historic landmarks, like the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence or the battle of Gettysburg.

1. Vermont

Topping the list as the best destination for solo female travelers is the Green Mountain state. 

Vermont won this title as the state has the lowest rate of violence against women and the highest rate of women who report feeling safe in the nation, according to Trusted Housesitters. 

No matter the season, Vermont’s rolling, scenic hills offer a gorgeous escape for any solo traveler. From apple cider tasting to maple tree tapping, Vermont is the perfect destination for female solo travelers at any time of the year.